How long does it take Google to Index
The sitemap really does help! My site didn't get indexed for months before that, but after using the Google Sitemap tool I got indexed in a few days.
My site got indexed in about a week, which blew me away. It might have been fast because I didn't have a bunch of links on it.
The average for me has been about a week. Some in as little as 3 days. I've always been impressed with their indexing speed.
As I am seeing with the opening of my newer sites you can get listed in a day or two if you take the right steps. Also I just boosted a languishing site from who knows how from down to # 3 in keyword search.
Any tips on how you did that so quickly? I have a hard time with my major keyword searches as my Page Rank isn't that high (only 2) but so many of the other sites are just scams.
submit to google/yahoo and other prominent engines manually.

make your site be linked by other sites that have a much higher PR.

the longest would probably be a month or so.
it took my first web site that long to be indexed by google.
i had barely any knowledge about SEO and stuff then.
google take atlest 3 month to crawling backlinks and Traffics and ranking in google Search Engines
It mainly depends on your sites back links if your website's back links are on good PR and high authority websites then your website will be indexed fast in search engines.
According to me if your website is not indexing by google, then try to index it by google webmaster too, if there is no google webmaster tool, then try to share it through different web 2.0 blogs and do social media sharing.
It takes approx 4 days or sometime 4 weeks to make your new website top be crawled by the Google.It takes quite a time to make your website to be indexed by the google.But, if you do not have forum signature or some backlinks then, it does not take long time by Google to index you new website.

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