How soon can I transfer a newly purchase domain from yahoo?
I made the same mistake. I bought 3 domains from Yahoo and I asked them about transferring. I have to do a whole bunch of things. I guess, I’ll just let the domain names rot. I’ll never renew because the names are not spectacular anyway.

Note to self: Never ever buy cheap domains
Haha! That's funny Domaineer.

I'll still buy from them though. I got an e-mail from Yahoo. They are offering domains for $2.99. I'll buy one and see for myself.
i think not atleast for 5 years. in special promoion of 1.99 you had to register the domain for 5 years. so better luck after 5 years
I'll have to remember that myself, domainer. I got a domain last year at 1.99 from some cheap place, and their tools were sucky at best. Now I stick to Godaddy.
All of you have confirmed what I was suspecting and learnt from all of you already: Better not to buy a domain at Yahoo. I guess for other things, like the YPN is worth it, but of you are going to be stuck with a company that doesn't allow you to be free as a bird, then I rather spend a little more somewhere else! (Oh my God! I even sound like I know what I am talking about, and I actually know!!!) LOL!
You're moving up in the world, Berlin... way to go!

What's next, hmm?
wizkid Wrote:I think we are all just too used to getting things cheap. I figure that if some wants to give us a domain name for $1.99 he does want something from us, which possibley is linked business such as hosting or mail services.

I registered a domain through Yahoo! No problems so far. I'm not planning to sell or transfer the domain anyway. Smile Support is great too.
Well Sophie had good results with Yahoo. That was one in a million or maybe not. I am glad to get the information. I was wondering about the restrictions with Yahoo too.
sory dun ve experince with yahoo
Great domains showing: DIGI LIFE? it is Credit? yeah, use becredit your any? baby forum reading studying for more cosy,hi, the favor english words. data safe? why not use key for every byte?

goodluck! support:

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