How to Choose The Website Space
“standing in the enterprise‘s perspective to think about website space,” Why do you say so? This is mainly because when we introduce our products to our customers, we always think about how best to communicate the advantages of our products.Rarely in the perspective of customers to think about what kind of products are needed, what are the real needs of customers?
  First, from the price angle to choose:
  The website space rents the lowest price, one year’s expense control between hundreds of blocks, specially the website construction company also will launch the corresponding website to send the domain name space activity, thus is the most enterprise design website‘s choice.Purchase server price is more expensive, not need professional technical maintenance, but the enterprise can be free to store information, and can cancel the site space, bandwidth and other restrictions.
  Overall, unless a large web site or traffic is higher, the configuration requirements of a higher site needs to configure the server rental and server hosting, other general corporate Web sites using the size of the matching site space can be.As long as you determine the China shared hosting’s access speed, stability, and security in the space before choosing.
  Second, according to the company‘s situation to choose:
  In general, the company’s attention to the design of the site, the strength of the company‘s situation may affect the choice of site space. Usually the enterprise can choose to purchase the service provider’s space, through the regular renewal payment way to store the website‘s procedure.For the more powerful companies, you can also buy a cloud server or directly rent the server to achieve absolute control over the site space.
  Third, according to the type of site to choose:
  In general, we will judge the size of the space is based on the type of site .For example, an ordinary display Web site, the size of the site program is generally not more than 50M, most of the 10m30m range, so with 100M space is more than enough. If the Enterprise website has member system, need to manage member information, you can consider to increase the space to around 500M.Ordinary enterprise website such as mall site, then the best configuration is 500m800m around, if the site needs to take into account the follow-up development, customer flow, etc., you can choose 1G space.
  Four, from the use of the site to judge:
  The same display type of corporate website, web design company will be for their own official website to configure an excellent server to place, but the average enterprise may only buy 100M of space to store.
  As the website design company will take into account the stability of the site, security and other factors, will often configure a separate server for the site to ensure the stability of site access, security, rapid, so as to ensure that the site in the optimization of the promotion to avoid any loss caused by the problem.
  If the intention of the enterprise to create the site is to do the relevant optimization promotion, marketing for the purpose, then you can consider configuring a separate server for the site.If you just use the website as an electronic Business card, the 100M space provided by the website construction Company is enough.
  Therefore, in this moment of change all the time, as long as everything on the other side of the angle to consider more, you can achieve a multiplier effect.As the service industry is also so, as long as the hearts of customers, wholeheartedly for the sake of customers, customers will sincerely treat us.

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