How to find available domains

Finding available (not yet registered or deleted) domains that have some kind of value, either in parking revenues or for a potential sale is one of the secrets domainers do not like to talk about. Everyone has some kind of strategy as most domainers are still building their portfolios in some way, but these strategies differ a lot. 

Fortunately you can still find domain names by plain hand registering but it will take some efforts if you do not want to end up with junk domains.

If you do not have any clue how to start, then let me suggest that you do some brainstorming which field you want to start with.
It could be a certain subject that you are interested in or something that you just discovered like an article you just read etc. From now on make the whois (directory that shows if a domain is available) one of your best friends and use it as often as possible to check if certain terms are still available. Think of (new) keyword combinations and also look those up. 

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Open a web browser, and then type in the address bar to go to the Internic home page.
On the Internic home page, click Whois.
In the Whois textbox, type your domain name (for example
Go to website and check the availability of domain and get the domains at reasonable prices.
WHOIS domain lookup
Use the WHOIS button to look up names that are not available to register. You may be able to contact the owner to buy the name from them, or find out when it will be free.

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