Domains going for another PR update?
Hello everyone, this is exciting! I noticed that some of my domains are having a great fluctuation in google PR just these few days. So is the mysterous google going for another major update for Page Rank??

For 3of my site, all of the them got PR3 out of sudden. In fact one of them were PR0 and is a parked domain.Big Grin What about you guys?? Any good news in gaining good PR5 and above for your domains? well....I have yet to achieve any PR5 till date, the highest is only PR4.:mad:
Yep. Google did an update last weekend, I think that it was. One of my sites went from a PR0 to a PR3!! I am very excited about that. I did have one site that dropped also, it went from PR4 to PR3. So now I have 3 domains that are all PR3. I need to get them all to PR6, then sell links!! Smile
Yeah seems like PR updates are done. Unfortunately I was not in link-building mode so I saw no noticeable change postive or negative for my sites. I am not terribly worried about PR in the first place, more worried about rankings.
Speaking about high PR, how you actually achieve those PR5 and above?? I have been trying hard to get it but still no luck till date!Sad I wonder if there is a way where those experience webmasters seems to be able to achieve it pretty easily!:eek:

Anyone willing to share their "secret"?Big Grin Well, domains with higher PR could be reaping more rewards aren't they !Smile

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