what is Google Suggest ?
Can anyone explain me about Google Suggest
Google Suggest is a Google search engine function which provides suggestions to users to complete the search query while they are entering words in the search box.
Google suggest is the name of Googles auto completion function. If the user enters a letter or any word in Google search option, then automatically the suggestions for that particular word comes along with it. Thus, those suggestions are called as Google suggest.
Google Suggest is the feature of Google search. It was introduced in 2007 and quickly became the core part of Google search. Basically, every time a new search is performed on Google, many things are going behind the scenes.
Google Suggest is the name of Google's auto-complete function. If a user enters a letter or a word in Google's search field, they are automatically shown associated terms in a dropdown menu. These suggestions are generated based on the most frequently searched terms.
Google Suggest or Autc-complete is ajax programming for users to select related terms in search that appear when a keyword is typed in google search.
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