Ipv4 vs Domain Minecraft Server Ips

What I have done is I have built a (simple) web crawler in Java that analyzes The Minecraft Forum Servers 6 for ever server ip on the site (I might do more sites later). There's a dump of them here. The code for the web crawler is here.

It works by using Jsoup to connect to the page, analyzing the page for <span> tags and grabbing any value in the class b-list-host-name. 

It then stores those values (the ips) in a text file. Then I created a reader to read the text file and scan for any letter in the alphabet (essentially signifying a domain address) and removing it from the list, That can be found here. That created this dump here.

What does all of this mean? There are 11710 ip addresses in total, 6309 of those addresses are ipv4 and the rest are using a domain. Using simple math, one can calculate that 54% (when rounded) are ipv4.

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