Keyword Density Checker
tcm9669 Wrote:I found this tool that will help you with keywords:-
Keyword Density Checker
All you have to do input your url and this will scan your website and displays certain keywords and then it display the density as a %, and it will show you how much that keyword (and ones related to it) receive hits per month, it's a cool thing and helps you to insert certain keywords into your website. Might help you more with SEO, and perhaps your website will recieve more hits Wink

Well this is a very good tool for checking keywords density and it also provides the best and accurate results after checking keyword density of a website.
Thanks for sharing the sites.nowadays keyword density is more helpful for SEO.
Keyword density is the percentage of the mainly targeted keywords or phrases available on the webpage to the total number of words in the web page. Keyword density should be 2 to 5% to have the good seo results. There are many tools available to check the keyword density. Some of them are:
Thanks for the information, it was very helpful for me.
seobook and smallseotools are the best tool to check the keywords density.

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