it is $10 for the year. go to Netfirms, Free Web Hosting, Domain Names for Small Business use the max code

I have three and will get a fourth. The deal runs out 2/28/07
i get a 404
Try the repair left out a letter.
Seems like a huge OVERSELLING rip off to me. Who the hell offers 100G of space? That's like close to a full size hard drive and if they didn't oversell, how can they afford to pay for the maintenance cost? I'd suggest everyone stay away. :-)
Not a bad deal, although personally, I don't like NetFirms. I had a friend hosted with them and he never liked them.
I bought 4 domains two are in beta no marketing yet and I made my money back.
Wow this is really great offer if we have to pay $10 per year because we get:

Quote:2 FREE domain names
250GB of disk space
2,000GB data transfer per month

Thanks for code.
The deal is now done.
Oh! I missed big deal. I hope they will offer this deal agian in future.
If I set up all four sites and I can if they run it again I will buy more. For starters sites they are good and the tech support has been excellent contrary to what I have heard.

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