Online only contracts?
With technology the way it is developing, many people use less paper constantly. But when you "buy" a domain, how can you prove in a court of law that you actually are the real owner? things can be changed and altered precisely because people are not using the paper anymore, and they are doing business without even ever meeting one another or speaking directly to one another...
The same way, I know of people that even have done business with others, going into somekind of "developing" partnership and they have never met personally or even use the phone to communicate.
In this I am very old fashion and don't trust easily. How much do you trust the internet as a media that protect your rights as a business person? For me, I need the face to face, and the actual signing of a contract in paper to feel things are "secure"... of course as always my partner laughs hysterically at my old fashion ways. What do you think about this?
I don`t. I think those who do, live under a very thick allusion. Wake up people, its a very dangerous world out there. I have had idenity theft twice. No fun,
echos Wrote:I don`t. I think those who do, live under a very thick allusion. Wake up people, its a very dangerous world out there. I have had idenity theft twice. No fun,

Oh my! That is precisely one of the reasons I am more scared to use and trust so much the internet! I have 4 words that I use as passwords with a 4 digit number combination... and in every place I need them, I know the combination is different for each site! I believe it is the only way to have a fairly decent security in here.. and even then, I change then every so often! Yes, I am a paranoid, and your experience just proved my point! Thank you!
The virtual world is very dangerous, precisley because when your identity becomes a block of data, anyone can change that data and hence change who you 'are'.

I am big on technology, but I always keep in mind that technology is very dangerous. Your life basically depends upon a few powerful people. To get done over, all you need is for your information to get into the wrong hands (like in Echos' case), or for there to be a corrupt person accessing your data, or changing it.

This is why I consistantly defend against computarisation of data in everyday life:

- Tracking of where I have gone on my subway pass
- Identity data maintained by immigration officials (especially in the US and UK)
- even my credit report at the bank

So you are right to not trust easily. People who like technology in their everyday lives are people who trust. They are people who do not realise that all it takes is for your subway pass to be altered to put you at a crime scene at the time of a crime, or your bank account to be altered to put you in debt, or for one immigration officer to say you are a potential 'terrorist' for you to be hassled for the rest of your life.

I agree, paper is the way you should go. And that's true for everything (apart from money, in which case paper, and also online account data, are not as secure as the same value in gold).
This is a hot question but in future the internet will get more secured to avoid such situations
all things are right but you have to go with the moving world, I have been scammed twice on paypal where I paid but nt recieved anything. but at last we have to do things like world is doing
The chances of getting scammed in online world is less than getting scammed in physical world.
mtajim Wrote:The chances of getting scammed in online world is less than getting scammed in physical world.

That is true! I totally agree! Just yesterday I was a "victim" of a scam. I am renting my aprtment in NY, and got this e-mail:

I got impressed and satisfied with the home.To show how serious am i concerning renting this unit,i'll be willing to offer you security deposit inorder to secure this unit prior to our arrival.
Could you be kind enough to let me know what the electricity/utility cost would be ? as i will really need to have this unit for myself. You can send me the lease application , to enable me review it ahead of time.I would eventually have it signed physically when i arrive.In my opinion, appending signatories should be done properly and at best physically.

I recide and work in Ireland and proper arrangement have been made concerning fast collection of payment by you by my financier .With this arrangement, my financier in Ireland operates a bank account in the states and will be effecting your payment deposit to you.I believe we can work together and ensure every arrangements that we shall both execute in line with my taking up the tenancy should be done accordingly to ensure we have a proper understanding.
Be advised that proper arrangement have been made with an interior decorator who will be handling the purchase of furnitures,entertainment system,ornaments,wall frames and other appliances that is needed in the property, decorators will as well be in charge of moving down my luggages down to your country.
A Cashiers Check drawn from a US bank of ($6,500) will be sent over to you and all you need to do is deduct the deposit fee ($1,200) and you forward the rest to the decorators so i can have the
place all prepared for my arrival.
Below details are needed for payment be posted to you asap :
Name on Check...............
Address ...................
Phone number............"

And then he gave me his name and address and phone number. Oh and he is a Sociologist. So of course I told him it was too good to be true! And to please look for somebody else, because this was a scam!

Just wanted to share it with all of you!
this is a matter of experience though, Every system has some disadvantages too like online world has, but as I say earlier, we have to melt ourselves accordingly
I prefer the papers contracts too. I was at work and had to send this couple from the Philippines to Cuba to work. I worked on it for months, and they had to get an employment contract signed by the Philippine embassy in Washington, DC. When they were done, it had golden seals, red ribbons, and wax dipped seals on it!

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