Search Engine Submission
I already submitted my site to all SEs I know. I'm not so sure if I'm doing it right too. SEO is a relatively new subject to me. (SEO Idiot. Hehe)

Guys, we can use a little help here!
Search engines generally provide sign up forms, if you can call it that, where you can add your url.

If you don't want to manually submit your sites, automatic tools exist. Commercial submission software is everywhere, costing anywhere from $30 to $300. provides a free service which submits to many search engines and directories for you.
I really don't wanna spend money on search engine submission. I have lots of time to burn so I'll just do it manually or use

What do you mean by automatic tools? Is it some kind of a software?
Here is a page of different directories you can use for submitting your site. If you will check with Google about a week or so after submitting, you will see if you did it right. Visit their webmaster tools page for some strategies and insight on if you're doing the right thing (regarding them in particular)

Free search engine submission by Websquash - Manual search engine submit
Thank you for this tips. I'll pass it along to my partner. I think we are also going to submit manually, since we are interested mainly in something local. I've noticed for example that some pages are only submitted to a special Google. For example, my sister gave me the name of a page to search in Google, but it never came up, until I changed to search in, since the page was in Catalonian... and it came right up! I think we will submit to every thing with .de
Yeah, weird that Google has divided us up into countries grrrr, don't they realise this is the WWW! lol. I was setting up adsense information and I had to choose just one country. Why don't they offer more? I was allowed to narrow it down, but not make it more global.
Well I personally think that the submitting time you pend to submit your website on Search Engine is just a waste of time. I think that the best way is to have a lot of back links, these will be crawled be search engines and your website will still be indexed in the search engines, mine is indexed on MSN for example but I didn't submit it, just had some back links and it got indexed. Well of course this is just my opinion.
Getting a lot of back links takes a lot of time.

Just submit your site to Google, Yahoo and MSN. That should be enough.
Sophie Wrote:Getting a lot of back links takes a lot of time.

Just submit your site to Google, Yahoo and MSN. That should be enough.

You're kidding... right? Please say you are.

Getting a lot of back links doesn't take a lot of time, getting quality back links does. But really, it's worth all the time you spend on it. Submitting to google via their submission form is just plain stupid. What's the point of it anyway? Sure, they'll INDEX you, but if all they've got is your on-page optimization they'll likely RANK you around page 4 million.

I always read about people being concerned about just getting into the google index, but really you should be concerned about getting ranked highly, and one way to do that is lots and lots of quality backlinks. So stop wasting time submitting to 1000's of search engines, just get 10 back links and they'll all find you anyway.
Submitting manually is just a waste of time. you can spend your time on more productive things like optimization of the pages, content addition etc and use some free or paid software or servce to submit your site to SE's. that is the best way

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