Selling my lists and closing down.
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I'm closing down shop.

After 7 years in information marketing, most of it with "how to market online", "how to make money online" type courses... I've lost interest and passion. Time to move on.

That's not to say there's anything wrong with the business model (online information marketing... often inaccurately called "internet marketing") or with the general "IM" and "biz opp" markets... there's obviously a lot of dollars in it. My current lifestyle can attest to that. :-)

But I just don't enjoy it anymore.

It has lost its challenge and zest.

So I'm selling off my business, including all domain names, products, salescopy, websites, sales funnels, buyers and subscriber lists etc. All assets.

Of course all that will go to ONE buyer (the new business owner). I'll have more information on this later but if you're interested in possibly buying the whole slew of assets and the full business from me, just write me back an email and I'll notify you once I'm done the inventory and have a full presentation of the business-for-sale done.

HOWEVER... in the meantime...

I'm selling another set of valuable lists.

I am NOT selling my business' subscriber and buyers lists to the public. Those will only go to the new business owner.

But ...

I've purchased some high quality leads lists in the past to promote my products to.

I barely tapped the surface, but I can safely attribute $60,000+ in revenue from quick sales that I promoted directly and exclusively to PART of the leads. I've probably only worked through 1/4 of the leads and even that wasn't with any level of intelligent followup.

At this point... I'm cashing out. Looking to re-coup what I initially invested into those databases and, of course, turn a small profit.

I'm done with them.

This is well over 400,000 premium leads.

You can see full lists details and screenshots here:

NOTE: I've sold a couple of these. One was to a 7 figure internet marketer. The other to an 8 figure marketer. ;-)

Also NOTE: I give the exact steps/tactics and any level of coaching/guidance you'd need on how to best tackle these lists.

P.S. I'm working on my tell all "I QUIT" report. It will be a freebie... if you'd like a copy send me an email to [thegenie @] (remove the spaces from that email).

- Rob

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