selling text links!
It's amazing. I never thought that I would see this happening!, the website of the popular phpbb forum software, is selling links on their homepage.

Since almost every phpbb forum has sitewide links back to this page, it is PR9.

They are actually auctioning the links: :: View topic - Looking for a text-link? Come right here...

Bet it will cost in the thousands for a link after everyone has bid. Sad
WOw I also never thought they would do this. This could bump my Pagerank up so much!

Woah, just saw this:

Your monthly budget must be in excess of US$200 if you wish your bid to be successful

Little over my budget ATM! :p
I would have never thought that either, but it is actually a really good idea to help support the project.

It is funny that more prominent advertising likely fetches a much lower rate.
I would pay 150$ for a link .
I can afford more than that. Anyway i never saw that such a famous site selling links.
I saw the ad for ads on their site when I was there the other day. I remember reading that they target males from teens to mid thirties. I did not know that was their targe audience. I love the company, but do not wish to advertise on their site as I have nothing relative to it. But I think it would be a good place if you had the right niche.
I agree, $200 is nothing for a PR 9 link...

Whatever your niche, though, the PR is a boost. Look at who is advertising there:

Quote:Free Software Downloads | Online Casino | The Saatchi Gallery - Contemporary Art in London | Download That | #1 Hosting Company

I agree that traffic would be poor if you have a wrong niche, but I think that some of these advertisers are there purely for the PR.

It's not all related to their niche. It's mainly PR and anchor text (free software downloads, and 'online casino' are only there for higher search engine rankings and PR).

I would purchase a link on the page but the price would be way out of my range.
Wow, cool. I never imagined this, but I think that the links are too much for my budget, not worth it for me.
Cool one. So, you'll pay $200 for how many months?
yeah that is the real matter, 200 bucks for how long? is it for one month or an year?

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