- Yahoo + Google work together!
Get this: Yahoo and Google came together and developed a new site called - Home

The idea is to allow for a uniform method for webmasters to release site maps to search engines (or at least Yahoo and Google).

The video release was made by Vanessa Fox Big Grin from Google and some guy (Tim Mayer) from Yahoo Cool on this web :

WebProNews Video Blog » Blog Archive » Exclusive: Yahoo And Google Launch

Check out the site, its pretty cool. I dont mean to be picky, but the design is very minimal.. anyway, its a great idea!

Interesting! It figures, the big guys get together on something like that... hope the little guys make use of it, too!
damn, i'd like to know how much the guy who owned got paid!
That means that my sitemap is completely useless Sad.
But still I think google shows mercy on standard sitemaps and accepts links.
Google is on the forefront of helping the webmasters job easily is a continual release of free tools. It's making my life easier and hopefully more profitable.
It is good tool and I feel I have to use this tool for my website and blogs.Smile

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