Teak floor how choose and buy?
the choice that there can be a floor board when every family is decorating a building, the floor is it is important to be compared in our home decorate link, because we live on the floor momently, and the use cycle of the floor is longer. When so we are choosing to buy a floor board, must consider cautiously, especially the choice of wooden floor brand, because wooden floor does not have ceramic tile wear-resisting originally, when so we are buying wooden floor, must choose a quality to have the product of safeguard. So teak floor how? Teak floor this how Where is choose and buy? 
Teak floor is good
Teak is called " the king of 10 thousand wood " , the world's accepted best floor lumber, can mix exclusively in briny dip corrode sunshine insolates below won't happen curve the plank with craze. It is the first selection lumber of the car of luxurious palace, villa advanced a person of extraordinary powers on the world more. And as teak floor, its biggest advantage depends on stable, wear-resisting, moistureproof, anticorrosive, moth-proofing, acid alkali resistant. Teak floor is the drying shrinkage in all lumber wet bilge be out of shape a the smallest kind, flexibility good base feels comfortable, it is the highest grade in real wood floor. Aureate and Brown to puce, atmosphere, elegant, form thousand appearance the grain structure of 100 condition, and experience is long cover is new, the color of the floor is met the elapse as time is more beautiful. 
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