The cPanel or Plesk?
I have tried both, and each have their pros and cons. As a user, I prefer cPanel over Plesk, it provides a more user-friendly interface, have a few more features and a bit more stable. It is also easier to configure and integrate software like billing, support and so forth. Which one do you prefer?
I also prefer cpanel. Most of my hosting accounts operate on cpanel.

Plesk has a nice design though Smile
Hmm, never tried Plesk but I simply love cpanel. For me it is so easy to use and each mod/feature is only a click away!
I'm using Plesk and I can't say I have any complaints. Are there any others out there besides Cpanel and Plesk?
It looks like cPanel is the winner so far. The two major reasons for choosing cPanel that I see is its simplicity and effectiveness. But I guess it really depends on personal preference. Besides these two, I have heard of Ensim. Never really tried this one, most hosting use cPanel on Linux servers and Plesk on Windows.
Is there anywhere I can tryout plesk? Maybe a free demo on a website or something? I'm going to stick to cPanel but it wouldn't hurt to take a look at it...
Definitely, it's always good to broad our horizons. Wink The demo is available on the Plesk's website:
SWsoft Plesk 7 Demo

Enjoy! Smile
I have tried Cpanel and Plesk. I prefer Cpanel over Plesk because it's fairly easy to use because of the interface. Plesk is okay but it lack features.

When I was looking for another webhost, I only looked at the companies which use Cpanel.
I'm using cPanel. I haven't used Plesk and I'm not sure if I want to try. I'm just a newbie so I'll just stick with the less complicated one. :-)
I never used Plesk personally, so I can't actually say, but cPanel is good for me, but as always it has it's bugs, flaws and disadvantages, but well nothing is perfect.

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