Unlimited Bandwidth??
I often bump into host that offer "Unlimited" bandwidth! Is there really such a thing as unlimited?? Or it should be "Unmetered"?Rolleyes I understand that the philosophy behind the ideas of these 2 options are about the same, but there is always a possibility of user getting high sky bandwidth isn't it??:eek:

What do you think? Would there be some "catches" behind such "Unlimited" bandwidth plackage?Rolleyes
A lot of hosts offer "unlimited" bandwith, but cancel your account when you go over what they consider to be acceptable.

Seeing as how bandwith costs so much, and is one of the main charges to a host, unlimited bandwith seems very unrealistic. It generally indicates a more relaxed form of server managment, and these hosts will often cram as many sites as they can onto a server even if it lowers quality of service.

Unless you plan to only have a small and relatively unimportant site, I would advise you to go with a host which clearly states what their bandwith limitations are (because these are very real limitations and affect performance significantly).
This is good point to investigate further before signing up for any hosting service that ofer such claim!Smile . Just bumped into this host that announcing they are offering unlimited bandwidth few days back :- Zend Internet.
Quote: Zen Internet to Provide Free Bandwidth

24th July 2006 Announces free unlimited bandwidth for the first month and a 30 day money back guarantee on all of its managed hosting solutions.

They seems to be quite established, I do not know if they would really honour such service if a client with heavy audio files + picture files downloading activities which will definitely shoot up the bandwidth.Rolleyes

Note :- No offence to Zend Internet (if you happen to read this post), just discussion only.
unlimited is limited by the data pipes the hosts have.
seem a number of reviews that suggest that these are gimmicky at best and some hosts tend to overregister domains hosted to the extent of a compromise.

would suggest you ping or do a traceroute using a site like domaintools.com to get an idea of the possible performance at different times in the day.
I keep running into forums especially which must have such a limited bandwidth that it often takes forever to load the pages. One would think they'd increase it!
you might've run into an 'unlimited bandwidth' site!


I keep running into forums especially which must have such a limited bandwidth that it often takes forever to load the pages. One would think they'd increase it!
No such thing as a free lunch. Always look at the details. There is 1 host who offers like 100 gig space, but only 100 megs of it is for sql database access.

While that is fine if you just want to store files, (which will be thwarted by their bandwidth limits), it is several limiting for sites that start to grow in size. Especially depending on the CMS being used.
I dont belive "unlimited"
Because unlimited never exists.
Deelip ...you're probably right. Unlimited sometimes ends up meaning there's no definition at all ...could be very little really lol.
Yeah thats right.
I got a mail saying they are providing unlimited bandwidth some days ago. He said that they can provide that me only for 5 dollor a month. I just forget the exact but the bandwidth was little more than ordinary.
All are of same type i think.

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