VPS which is e-commerce friendly ...
I plan to host an e-shop and two hosts are in my mind: rockhoster.com  and legionbox.com
So which way is better to follow?
I have been with Rockhoster.com for eight months now and I do not have one single negative thing to say about them!
I use my full disk space and bandwidth and their servers simply run at blazing speeds.
Good uptime - 99.99% guaranteed.
I like RockHoster and their hosting deals. Their control panel is so intuitive, clean, attractive, simple, quick, and... fun!
This web host is simply the best when it comes to web hosting, the pricing is fantastic and the customer support is top notch.
As an alternative, would like to draw your attention to QHoster.com website hosting deals.
I operate a large e-commerce site, along with several other informational sites. Not only are there no interruptions in service the support team at qhoster is top notch.
You know legionbox.com and libertyvps.net are trustworthy enough to have a deal with.
They provide Redundant Servers and Quality Support which ensure maximum customer satisfaction with a standard set of performance and reliability.
I believe Hostforweb.com is the best option for getting VPS hosting accounts at. They seem to appreciate how much our success depends on them delivering the goods. They provide monitoring, pro-active support, technical support 24/7, and improved server performance.
No doubt, vpsblocks.com.au VPS hosting solutions will serve your demands. Get 80% off your first monthly payment. Code: 80OFF
Their servers in Australia are powerful enough for your business applications to run fast and efficiently.

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