Website structure optimization strategy
Website structure optimization strategy
  The internal structure optimization plays a role of planning and guidance for website construction, and plays a key role in the content maintenance and later SEO of the website.
  Mainly from the below website structure, elements on the page, the navigation structure, the late optimization on internal web site optimization, from the website of the construction of the early late for SEO optimization, the basis and maintenance convenience.
  URL optimization
  Creating a good descriptive name and file name for the files on your site will not only better organize the site structure, but also help the search engine to grab files more efficiently.
  While search engines can capture complex urls, providing relatively simple urls is helpful for both users and search engines.
  The directory structure
  The directory structure is best to level 1 to 2, no more than 3.
  The organization of the directory is as follows: front page - 》 page - 》 content page.
  The directory names are in pinyin or English.
  Avoid multi-layer nested subdirectories.
  Robots.txt is a deposit at site under the root directory of text files, used to tell the search engine crawlers (spiders), what content in this website should not be the search engine‘s index, which can be indexed.
  The robots.txt protocol is not a specification, but is just a convention, usually the search engine will recognize this file, but there are some special cases.
  Sitemaps convenient web site administrator to inform their website search engine what to grab web pages, a bit like BLOG RSS function, is a convenient service, if you all of the information sources (Internet) have adopted this way to submit their own updates, search engine was never sent so many reptiles around the hard, any one site, as long as there is update, “notice” search engine automatically, convenient search engine indexes.
  Site navigation
  The navigation of the site is important to help users find what they want quickly, and it’s also important to help search engines understand what‘s important about the site.
  A site map is a hierarchical list of web pages used to display web sites.
  The main purpose of the site navigation is to facilitate the user, but it also helps the search engine to capture the entire web page more comprehensively.
  The use of the Nofollow
  Nofollow tag is by Google leading start-up of a label, the purpose is to try to reduce the influence of spam links to search engines, and reduce the blog of garbage message, baidu, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft are currently supported the label.
  When a nofollow tag appears in a hyperlink, the search engine does not consider the weight of these links, nor does it use these links for ranking.
  404 pages
  A 404 page is a page that users see when they try to access a website that does not exist (because the user has clicked on the broken link, the page has been deleted or the user has entered the wrong url)。
  The reason why it’s called 404 is because the web server returns 404 HTTP status code on the request for the missing page, indicating that the page is not found.
  The use of statistical code.
  Website statistics analysis tools to understand how users find the site and what are their habits, also found that the content of the most popular on the site, you can also measure the effects of optimize the site after (for example, modify the title and description meta tags help increase traffic from the search engines?)
  You can also figure out where the visitors are coming from, what the visitors are looking for, what pages the visitors come in, and which pages they exit from.
Website optimization plays an important role in SEO field. The designs of our website depends upon the technological preferences. The content plays a important role in SEO hence the customer must keep in mid about the broader context within individual pages.
There are so many areas of a website that are needed to be optimized when it is aiming to rank better on search engines, seeing that search engines use hundreds of ranking factors to assess a site if it is really worth displaying to searchers. Search ranking strategy by optimizing the site structure for relevance in order to improve its usability as well as conversions.

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