What needs to be done on the site‘s structural optimization
What needs to be done on the site‘s structural optimization
  1. Be friendly to search engines (avoid spider traps)
  Friendly to search engines is a cliche topic, search engine is found page, grab the page, the index page for a line, so don’t insert among this hostile elements of spiders, mainly refers to the Javascript links, the use of Flash links and Iframe framework, spiders can‘t read these elements, can only leave a bad impression to your website, believe that many webmasters are aware of the key.
  Spider trap is not conducive to spider crawling and grab, and search engine friendly are similar, the author is listed together, mainly refers to the 301 302 jump, jump, and the aforementioned javascript jump, flash jump, to jump, if it is necessary to use a 301, which is recommended by the search engine, used for site changes to, and do not use black hat SEO do cheat users and search engines to jump.
  2. Reasonable navigation.
  A reasonable navigation is to tell the user two things.
  A: where am I now?
  The user can enter the website from any of the inside pages, sometimes from the home page, click on multiple links, the user has forgotten how to page, also will clearly tell the user navigation system, now in that part of the overall structure of the website.
  2: where are we going next?
  Sometimes users don’t know what to do, page navigation design will tell users to click on to complete his goal, the user does not know what to do, site navigation will give users a best advice, guiding users to target completion page, reasonable guidance and classification, the body of related links, product recommendations, site map, such as on-site search helps users to click on to the next step.
  3. Static URL.
  Static and dynamic URL, although the search engines will crawl dynamic pages included, but was really too moving, easy engine spiders into an infinite loop or collected a large number of duplicate content, cause the waste of resources.
  Now a lot of source code with pseudo static, although still there is no corresponding HTML files on the server, user access will generate dynamic pages, but because of URL rewriting technology can realize the real static, pseudo static good user experience, is friendly enough on search engine crawlers, have become many webmaster dim.
  4. Use of nofollow.
  Nofollow‘s original purpose is to reduce the influence of garbage links on search engine rankings, and reduce spam comments, the meaning of the tag is to tell the search engine is not through our webmaster editor, don’t go to track the link, also do not want to transfer the weight, and the use most is the site of some comments and the links on the ads, and avoid some pages such as “privacy policy”, contact us to get the weight of it is not necessary to, let the weight of web site better use.
In the past, the search for more efficient structures was a trial-and-error process. However, in the last two decades computational tools based on optimization theory have been developed that make it possible to find optimal structures more or less automatically. Due to the high cost savings and performance gains that may be achieved, such tools are finding increasing industrial use.
Im looking for a nice small business website. I am not great with the script no how so im looking for one that is kind of easy but works great with google merchant. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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