What is the China cloud shared hosting and what is it’s features
In recent years, with the development of Internet IDC, cloud platform has gradually become the core of Internet career development. The China cloud shared hosting is a China shared hosting product, it has high rate of online, intelligent fault tolerance, to avoid, the original system, backup, and so on a number of advantages, especially it is suitable for the on site operation quality have higher requirements of users, online rate was 99.9%.
  The China cloud shared hosting is one of the hottest topics in the IT industry. In fact, cloud computing is not a patent for big business. Small and medium-sized enterprises can also enjoy the benefits of cloud computing. In general speaking, with the aid of cloud computing, small and medium-sized enterprises can significantly reduce the cost of hardware and software resources that small businesses can also like large enterprises with using the technology of high, refined, sharp, easy to build their own websites and Internet service, and to the center of gravity of the focus on entrepreneurship and innovation. In addition, cloud computing provides the advantages of using cloud services, deployment and expansion speed anytime and anywhere, and it is well suited to the characteristics of small and medium-sized enterprises.
  As a result, the two services, cloud computing and China shared hosting , which have a lot of benefits for small and medium-sized enterprises, naturally come together and create “cloud hosting”。 Arguably, this is a big boon for small and medium-sized enterprises.
  1. The number of site connections increases linearly with the increase of node server, so it breaks the limit of single site connection number.
  2. There are many sets of node server load balancing, when a node‘s load is too high, inside the cluster will automatically put too much load sharing to other nodes, which can effectively resist the hackers.
  3. When a site on a node cannot be accessed, the site’s access will automatically be transferred to the same site on the next node, thus effectively avoiding the single point of failure.

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