What is your blog about?
Wow. There is some interesting feedback here. I wanted to do a blog as well, but I keep thinking that no one will want to read it.....How do you get people to read it, besides friends?
I have a blog on media and culture. It's where I totally vent on what I'm constantly bombarded by on tv, magazines and radio. I find that I get the most visitors from my posts on current topics (particular television shows, stories in the news, etc.). People Google them and come to my site.
Well I have blog about sports which provide best infromation,story and results from sport world. I have many reader who came on my site everyday. You can easily setup your sport blog if you really know about sports.
On the subject of blogs...does anyone make good money from doing it...and where do you blog from?
Well with blogs you can generate good money from Google and some other Ad-newtworks. I am happy with my blog earnings which cover al my cost of hosting and design work.
I want to get into it... maybe within the next few days I'll get myself into finally doing my blog. I wanted to have pictures, but I think that will have to wait a while. thanks for your ideas!
I write the content for two of my own sites and people have been asking me if I would do a regular blog. I am just overwhelmed people want to read my ramble on about much to do about nothing.
Well I think you should open a regular blog because I like your view and information which you shared on your site.Smile
As I was so antsy about it, I finally did it. So I started my blog a month ago. It's been an interesting experience and I am actually having fun with it. And that's the main reason so far! I put a couple of Ads from Adsense, but they are not making that much. But as I said, I am having fun!
Check it out if you feel like. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!

Yes blogging give good fun with earnings. I earend good amount from it but now I am banned in Adsense.Sad

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