What is your blog about?
Well I started with another progarm and it looks good for me. I earned $1 on first 2 days use. Its great start for me because on Google I earned $1 after 10 days.
Grace Wrote:What is the purpose of the Ad sense ads? I guess every site has them now. I have used them before. When I was visiting one site and I just clicked on their ad.

Their purpose is to advertise something related with the content of the website you are visiting. for example, if you are in a website that has a lot of gay/lesbian content, then the ads would be targeted towards what gay and lesbians might be interested in.
Well Google Adsense give their ads to realted your subjects and keywords. Keywords are important to getting many ads and also high paying one.
Rohitpatel Wrote:Well Google Adsense give their ads to realted your subjects and keywords. Keywords are important to getting many ads and also high paying one.

OK, but how can you know which would be a high paying one? On my blog, I noticed that one click was 0.33, while others were 0.05... so how can I improve that, without messing around Adsense and being banned?
Well it all depends on your keywords which you used in your content. If you are using keywords like dtaing related than your ads came with dating line ads and its high paying links.
I have three blogs: a personal blog (used to keep in touch with friends), a blog about tech writing, and a blog about freelancing. I have Adsense on my personal blog, because it covers such a wide range of topics that I can get a lot of good keywords in. But I don't have ads on my more "professional" blogs because I don't like the cluttered feel that ads have, and I want these to be easy to read.
Dating keywords pay high??? I didn't know that! I thought it was more stuff related with insurance and finance and all those things... but I never thought that dating would pay high... I have to check that out! LOL!
my main blog is just a personal one, where i write about myself, my thoughts, and my everyday experiences. but now that i've decided to take blogging not just a hobby but as a source of income as well, i'll soon be publishing a new blog with lots of tutorials about the world wide web -- blogging, web designing, site monetization, and the like. hopefully, i'll get enough revenues from it. Wink
I don't have a blog going on right now, I just transferred mine to somebody else. I used to have a blog about funny posts on Craigslist, and I also had one about sexual harassment on the streets.
Wow! a blog about sexual harrasment on the streets?? That sounds interesting to say the least. How was it? Is it still available? I'd like to ckeck it out if it is. You can PM me with the link.

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