What's the real different or effect of NS1, NS2, NS3...etc??
eria Wrote:the purpose of nameservers is just to resolve the domain alias and route it to hosting server where it can find data, using multiple dns means to allow mutiple servers or IP's to resolve the alias in case one can't do the job, second will do or vise virsa. but remember resolve domain alias doesnt mean that your site will browse successfully on clients computer, if your hosting server is down then dns can't do anything.
Am I right boys?

Yes thats right. When a user types in a web address, that address needs to point somewhere. By typing in a nameserver, you are 'telling' the DNS that your domain has to point to a specific server or hosting company. The hosting company then decides to deal with the request and route it to the account that they have under that domain name. So, for instance, this allows multiple accounts on a single, shared-hosting server.

NS1, NS2...NS* are just back ups or otherwise load balancers, as far as I am aware.
since we're all jumping into the fray, here's my two bits.

the nameserver maps your domain name onto the web host's IP.

hence if u ping your domain name, say domainsocial.com, you'll see it's IP which is

if you key those numbers into yr browser, you should be able to see DS too.
but in this case, it's shared hosting, so you bang into the face of the webhost.

for sites with static IPs, you can pretty much access it like you'd do with a domain name proper.

just that a domain name is prettier than the IP numbers.
A name server is a specialized server on the Internet which is handling the queries from our computer and tells us about the location name of domain name server.

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