Who's the best hosting provider in your experience?
Currently, I am hosting with Need webspace? - LiquidNet Ltd. Support is currently excellent. Expect your quiries to be answered quickly and effeciently throught hey 24 hours support staff on stand by. You might want to check them out.
I have been with GoDaddy and HostGator. I found great features on both hosting.GoDaddy is best for anyone and also more popular than others.
I've been extremely happy with CirtexHosting lately. I had a free account of MidasHost.net and there customer service is excellent.
GoDaddy been ok and I am now trying Netfirms with the $10 for the year superdeal.
Where's the link to the NetFirms $10/year deal? I've heard some talk about it, and it sounds alright!
Seems like a HUGE rip-off to me. Their definitely overselling. I mean that much space and bandwidth for only $10 a year? I'd stay away If I were you guys.
Wow that is great deal of they provide hosting $10 per year. Can you please share that link where we can find this offer?
Thanks all for posting all this information. You have given me some homework to do.
Hmmm I understand!!!

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