Your input on "" please.
I ran into this website that actually didn't give me too good feeling. It is a traffic generator, at least that's what they say, but it is very weird. You can't see what blogs they have, only a few. I don't even know if my blof is there listed, but aparently someone came from there to my blog... How can I find out is they have me on their list? could that be a problem with Google Adsense, for example? Just curious. Thanks.

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Hmm...I dunno, I havent heard anything about it but I kinda get an ick feeling too. I will ask around and see if anyone has heard anything about it.
It almost seems like a catch all for a spammer.
I recently have gotten a few hundred new visitors this week from before even submitting my blog to them.

On the top of the page there are random blogger links showing up, and that may be how we are getting the free hits, or it could be something like the free Technorati service.

When you submit your link to your link is posted to the home page instantly.

Anybody else getting hits from
Looking at the list of people that visited my blog, I only have one hit from them... but no more. I'm still curious as how they got to me... but I haven't list my blog with them... I don't have a good feeling about it.
Sounds like referal spam.

Some sites automatically send (fake) hits to your site so that it registers in your logs. If thats the case here, then you go to check your site stats, and you see "" in there. It's a very effective way of getting clients, but certainly not ethical. We get a lot of that here on the Domain Social site too. We always ignore it, and you should probably do the same.

I looked at my stats and have gotten hits from several countries, and they seem to be legit.
Anyone else?
You can only submit if you are at blogspot?
Thanks for the advice! I am not submitting my blog with them. I already get visitors from many countries due to my main marketing place, so I'm ok with that. I still can't trust these people...
webalien Wrote:I looked at my stats and have gotten hits from several countries, and they seem to be legit.
Anyone else?

Well you never know.. Try running the list of IPs in your log against open proxies.

Referal spammers usually use proxies, and these proxies are sometimes in different countries.

I'm not saying its got to be referral spam, im just saying that it's a (probable) possibility.


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