.co domains any thoughts?
Hi all,

What do you guys think about .co domains, some sell for low and some go really high in price, yet a lot of valid dictionary words are still available to buy?

So what do you think on this tld?
As I see they are not so interesting right now, but perspective for the future as com analog
Thank you for replying Smile I hope the .co pays off I have bought a few in that ext
Thanks guys for your reply's, any one want to buy some of mine ??
I have Agriculturefund.co hoping some day it sells...I'm still not really going crazy on .co yet....
yes .co are....ummm something good Smile
.co sell if you pick the right niche keyword. But this goes for a lot of extensions.
leon03 Wrote:. co payes well can be sold on linkedin Smile

hi leon03, can you post link to this marketplace at linkedin ?

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