commission junction
Has anyone ever used commission junction? If so, what is your revenue like.

How does this compare with adsense or the yahoo publishers network? From what I understand it's not pay-per-click but rather pay per sale.. is this correct?
Never heard about this before this.
Can you give me the link for that?I mean their website.
deelip Wrote:Never heard about this before this.
Can you give me the link for that?I mean their website.

Sure, it is:
It's a very impressive site and looks very professional and sleek. I was wondering if they are expensive?
if you're using affiliate marketing as a business model (ie. selling other people's products), you'll be going to affiliate networks quite a bit.

the big guys are
clickbank (
commission junction (
paydotcom ( ---yes, one of the most 'interesting' URLs).

the payout is much higher than for web ads like adsense/adbrite.

and some affiliate marketers (a subset of internet marketing) are making in the range of hundreds of thousands of dollars a month in sales.
the payout from affiliate marketing is anywhere from about 40% to 90% of the sales value.

i have included some info at
It is pay per sale, yes. The actual percentage is set by the company whose product you're promoting. You select what you want to promote, banners and such are provided. All you have to do is sell. Smile CJ is big and, from what I've heard, reliable. There are some very recognizable names to choose from for affiliates.
I never used commission junction myself, but thinking about it, was it worthwhile for those who actually used it?
I use both cj and linkshare and linkshare has been better for me so far. I just have better more relevant affiliates in linkshare than I do in CJ, so I assume that is the big difference.
Is there any difference in these services re: what the consumer sees or experiences?
No.. they are both very similar. I just set up a new linkshare program on one of my sites and it has taken off. Already 157 click-throughs in a couple of days and already a few sales, with more likely to come as you get any sales made by those visitors in the next 30,60,90 days depending on how long they keep the cookies.

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