inventory.overture.... Replacement?
Am I correct that the is no longer active.? Is there another web based tool to replace it, or one that serves equally as well?

Thanks for your input,

When I use the keyword selctor tool at it has been showing no suggestions for any keywords I input. I have tried several very common words to verify that I am getting this result with all inquiries. Anyone know why this may be?


It still works...

it's just really slow because it gets many queries. If you keep reloading it, you'll eventually get it.

Otherwise download GoodKeywords. Which is free. Or for a more sophisticated program, which isnt free, try keyword elite.
Zach, Thanks for the help keyword elite is one of my next investments... it seems th good keywords should hold me for a bit. Would you say it is as reliable as overture?
Overture stopped updating since January.
General keyword - month to month difference won't be much.
News items, trends and New technologies - these won't show on Overture
since they stopped updating.
Thanks for the suggestions. I've bookmarked Good Keywords and I'll take a closer look later.

Does anyone know how often it's updated?

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