please advice on blog commenting for auto-approve blogs
hi, could someone experienced please advice me what is best to do. Let's say i find an auto approve blog and I leave a comment for 1 website of mine. But say I have 10 different websites. Do I leave 10 comments on the same blog page? 1 comment on different pages of that blog? or all URL's inside 1 comment as they probably have a low value anyways?

So that's for root URL. Then say I want to fight for a secondary keyword of one of my pages. Say each of those 10 websites of mine have 100 articles. Do I then leave, in theory, 1,000 comments on that 1 auto approve blog that I found?

As you see I am a little bit lost/confused - thanks for your guidance and advice!
Before you bother leaving any comments, check the pr of the website. Often, these auto-approve blogs are not high quality. The more outgoing links on a page, the less link juice passed to each outgoing link, so no, it doesn't make sense to leave 1000 comments. And, that's if the blog post allows do follow.
According to my opinion before adding comment to that blog you have to check whether anyone has comment on your blog. If you have 10 different sites you should give 10 different contents. Please write that comment where the words should be unique. it will really helpful to get website traffic as well as generating backlinks.

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