Any idea what might do?

Thnx Guys
Honestly, I have no idea! Most blogs are for free, and that would be to promote what? It is too generic and I don´t think it would be of much value... but then again, I´m not an expert!! This is just my humble opinion as an internet user! Good luck with it anyway!
Sorry no idea from me either, however when I tried to check it out, the site opened in some different language which just went over my head, so can't really understand the purpose of it.
I assume that the ".mobi" means it is for mobile technologies. How many folks read blogs on the mobile gear instead of waiting to read blogs son their desktops or laptops at home?
.mobi aren't valued that high unless they are dictionary domains. A lot of good domains still exist, so resorting to using long phrases isn't that great of a strategy in my opinion.

That sort of domain would be great with a .com or .net, but a country-code ccTLD or anything else is pretty much going to be seriously devalued.

Best of luck,

I wonder if there could be a significant market for people who'd read blogs on mobile hardware during a commute?

It's just a thought. Cool
I think I would like to check out Postsecret on a mobil, but then again, I rather see the postcards bigger size. Maybe people could create some kind of mobil blogging, using their camra phones and writing something fast... kinda like a blog on the go!

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