three letter domain
I am looking to buy a three letter .org domain.
It will be better if you have a three number domain.
let me know if anybody have.
A three number domain? Are those available for registration or are they already taken? Just curious. I assume that because you are asking for one here that you can't get one through regular registration.
There aren't any 3 character domains left (at this time). have to get some from squatters.
Or buy them , when they become available . They are few and far , but thery`re out there, good luck and don`t give up, Echos
I assumed correctly, all out of 3 letter/3number domains. Ahhhh, good luck deelip.
Yes they are all gone, so I guess you will have to pay the big bucks to get one now. I am sure someone will sell for right price.
What 3 letter domains you want? like or something like, I mean something that makes a sense or something that just doesn't make any sense? something that does not mean anything?
I like the other three letter domains better. I guess more people want them so the price for them is greater. I hope you find one for a good price.
Very good domains, not org but very interesting for you:

Domain names for sale
That's quite a list! The first one is .org and the rest look interesting too. Do you own all of those domains? Perhaps you'll be selling them.

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