DomainCroc Wrote:Look before you leap.

Look here at: HOSTBESTWAY

Mini-Max Plan Host 10 domains.
Should be great for adsense mini sites.

I like this for a project I am experimenting with for my investigative sight.
it's really poor hosting dude...
I just tried to log into their web site, webhost.com does not work!!!

I use http://www.hostbestway.com for three of my sites..

Just works great.
specXYZ Wrote:it's really poor hosting dude...

I just looked at the site and it's working fine for me. What are the problems with the service they offer? Their prices are pretty low, and I am looking for a relatively inexpensive service, but I don't want to take on a bunch of headaches. Could you tell us what problems they have?
try creativon.com cool prices

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