what is web hosting?
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In a layman's language, a web hosting is a place to host (contain) your website content.
After purchasing a domain name, the next step is purchasing a web hosting service.
Logically speaking, your website content has no content in the beginning. In other words your web hosting directory is still empty because there is no content yet in the web hosting place (stored in a remote computer server). A website owner does not need to worry about maintaining any hardware associated with the domain name and web hosting due to the fact the website owner has paid for the two services.

Incase you may ask what about free domain names and free web hosting. Well usually websites such as free blogs (e.g. BlogSpot, word press, webs, etc) are given free but not the top level domain names (dot com, net, org etc.). You would get a sub domain name and when someone clicks your sub domain name, the visitors would see the content hosted on your free web hosting company. And how do they make money to sustain their services (without which they would not be able to offer you free services). Well, they have to make money at some point that is advertisement that is cleverly placed in your website page and / or e-mail.
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Web hosting is the service by which a website of an individual or an organization can be located in a particular server to access that website from world wide web.You can hosted your website in a particular server to access your site from anywhere in the world. I did my web hosting in http://www.thewebpole.com/ .They provide be good customer service with lot of offersSmile
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Web hosting is a place where you host your website. It is the place where your website is going to be live and access by everybody. It is one of the main features for running the website.
How does a web page make its way to the internet? Well, it has to be designed first. A person who wishes to do so would use various codes and tools to develop a web page.

It isn't necessarily a 'web page' just yet. The only people who could view the webpage at this point are those who have access to the computer where it is saved. It can be uploaded for computers in a local network to view. However, if it is the designer's goal to expose it to the world, or to the millions who view the internet on a daily basis, he or she would have to employ the service of a web host to accommodate his or her web page.

To further understand what a web host is, think of the internet as one huge building, with units available for rent. You would need to literally rent one of these spaces for your web page to stay in. Think of web hosting services as those land lords (and ladies) who you contact to appropriate a space for you in the Internet 'building'.

After a web hosting service accepts your request to have your web page viewable over the internet, you would then go through the process of sending the details of your designed web page to them. Apart from the details regarding the design of your web page, you would also have to provide them with a desired domain names.

Think of the domain name as a title for your establishment. It's what your potential visitors would type in their web browser's address bars to access your web page. Once you notify the chosen web hosting service of your domain name, it would then be subject for approval. What happens during this time is actually evaluation, where they check if the domain name you choose is still available for use, among other things. When that is finished, and if the domain name is found to be available, the web page is then saved and stored on the service's host computer in their location. Called a server, this special type of computer has the ability of enabling people all over the world to associate the domain name you chose to the web site that you designed.
Web hosting is an administration that permits associations and people to post a site or website page on to the Internet. A web host, or web hosting specialist co-op, is a business that gives the advancements and administrations required for the site or website page to be seen in the Internet. Sites are hosted, or put away, on unique PCs called servers.
At the point when Internet clients need to see your site, they should simply sort your site address into their program. Their PC will then interface with your server and your site pages will be conveyed to them through the program.
Most web hosting organizations require that you claim your space name keeping in mind the end goal to have with them. In the event that you don't have a space name, the web hosting organizations will help you buy one.
The Web Hosting is the business that provides the technologies and services needed for the website to be viewed in the internet. In this websites are hosted, stored on the special computer that is called as the servers.
Web hosting is a method or process by which you host your website online on any server or in simple language we can say a place were we upload all our web pages like we do on localhost from where the whole world can access it and view it.
It provides you uploading PHP , .Net , JAVA , Drupal ,Wordpress sites .

Web Hosting let your customers to access every aspect of your website any time of the day or night.

There are 3 types of Web hosting and the are as follows>>>

Shared web Hosting
Dedicated Web Hosting
VPS Web Hosting

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