what's the original purpose of popsocket
Yet, as is the way with all new products whose function doesn’t necessarily serve an urgent need, gaining acceptance from the masses is no easy feat.
Brad Monton, PopSocket’s Head of Results, explained to TechDay what strategies have gone into bringing this funky phone adornment to the forefront of society and even into the hands of some of the world’s most A-list celebrities.
Why popsocket? It is a powerful – and fun – way to get your message out there over and over (and over) again. Because, like that one rapper said, "It's all about the impressions." Start your custom popsocket business right now to enjoy more impressions than what SuperBowl delivers. Visit our popsocket wholesale China online store to enjoy huge discount and cheapest price.
PopSockets boast near countless value propositions from acting as a phone stand to just being fun to play with. However, upon the product's inception, what was it's original intended purpose?

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