What specific aspect of the PopSocket
The primary reason our company is growing so much is due to word of mouth – once people put a PopSockets grip-stand on their phone, they like it so they keep using it; other people see it on their phone and ask what it is, and as a result we experience strong organic growth. My favorite comment I ever saw from a customer was "Dear PopSockets company, please sell more PopSockets so I can stop explaining to people what this is on the back of my phone." We're getting closer to that stage where people can be expected to know what our product is.
Why popsocket? It is a powerful – and fun – way to get your message out there over and over (and over) again. Because, like that one rapper said, "It's all about the impressions."  Start your custom popsocket business right now to enjoy more impressions than what SuperBowl delivers. Visit our popsocket wholesale China online store to enjoy huge discount and cheapest price.
Having a high-quality selection of graphics for people to choose from, for their button design, is I think key as well. In addition, some people really value the custom-upload feature (where they can, for example, put a picture of their dog or boyfriend on the button).

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