$5.99 .COM and FREE Hosting...
Hi Everybody,

Do you know? This is a boon for all domainers.

See the following two domains/pages:

The domains were registered at http://www.name.com for $5.99.
(for long term, a 10 year registration costs only $77.77)
I now have 23 domains registered at name.com. Their domain control panel is very, very easy and you have full control over your domain. They are also very safe.

Then they setup FREE Google Apps automatically, which gives you 200 email accounts that have all facilities of Gmail (including the tons of email space). 100 MB space for your web pages and content. An easy Google page builder is available. You can include scripts and ads. You also have the facility of document sharing and scheduler. They are all set up like this and securely shareable:
mail.<your domain>
docs.<your domain>
calendar.<your domain>
sites.<your domain>

All within minutes - name selection, registration, hosting setup AND most important, website propagation (usually this takes 24 to 48 hours).

Forget parking. Make your own domain and customized website within minutes and keep building on it. I have been using this since the beginning of Google Apps. You can consult me for any help, which shall be free for DomainSocial members.

Best wishes.
PM ed you.
Hi Shaza4061,

I did not see any PM here, did you send an email to one of my domain addresses?
Hi Everybody,

I forgot to mention one most important thing.
Name.com also gives FREE private registration with every domain. No catch!
Hello Itssri,

I read this thread of yours with great interest as I also register all my domains at name.com.

I am a very new domainer on the block, but I have already managed to build a web page at name.com and I also noticed that I have a standard Start Page available on which Google has already placed many sponsors. Pardon my ignorance, but how do I benefit from such a page and how can I find it on the web (and not from my account at name.com)? Do I get the benefit of what's called "per-per-click"?

I would greatly appreciate if you could enlighten me on the subject
Hi Chris,

Twice, I started writing down the steps here and both times the login timed out. So, it would be better if you send me your IM and timings when you are relatively free. I will look up one which matches with some spare time for me and lead you through the steps over IM. I prefer Gmail chat - so if you have a Gmail address just send it to me.

Thank you again for your reply. This morning I just noticed that my email problem at name.com was resolved. I understand now that it takes a while for their computer to update any set up data sent to them.
Let's keep in touch! I have visited your website. It's great!

My Windows Live Messenger is online all day: http://www.biz@live.com
Bangkok Time Zone
I think limedomains.com has a deal like that, but you have to sign up for 10 years.

I understand.
Really its grate news that we get domain in low cost.It helps to get the .com, .net, .mobi, .us, .org domain names at $1.99. Thanks

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