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Andrew I noticed on your blog you talk about bookmark stickyness with the AWS stats.

I was always under the impression that those stats were not accurate because Firefox always pulls down the bookmark so anyone with a firefox browser shows up as someone who bookmarks the page.

Is this incorrect?
hi triumph.

hmm, interesting.
where did you see this from?

i'm not aware of that.

49% of my visitors are using MSIE
42% are using mozilla firefox.

31.6% have bookmarked me.

I did a further breakdown by firefox version to see if it's correlate.

it doesnt appear to do so.
Hey andrew.
Whats your blog.
I want to see please.
His blog is quite informative, have a look:

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Hey sunnybeachCA,
tks for the link.

are you in santa monica or something?
I can't remember where I specifically saw it, I just remember reading it several times in the past, where people had said not to trust the numbers because of the way firefox works.

If I can dig it up, I will post a link.
triumph, found it?

i do a few hours of research every day and have never come across it.
maybe that person was posting a rumour.
Well I tried to do a search, and the fifth entry for my search was this thread. That is freaking me out.

I remember it being on Webmaster World now, but could not found the mentions I remembered.

I did find this semi-related thread, UK Referring Sites Traffic

but it does not support what I remembered.
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leave a comment if you can!
Very nice andrew. Congratulations. It is nice to see that your efforts are paying off.

I take it that this is mainly affiliate blogging revenue?

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