Anyone get burned by
I used to use them for all my domains, but then the service started to really go down hill, and I heard about the problems with them, so I moved all my domains to godaddy before anything bad happened, but with one or two domains they would not let me move them at first.
i moved also everything but in first place they refused. Just keep asking and they will do it.

I haven't heard of any major problems with them but like everything else, it has to start somewhere. I'm sorry to hear it was with you.
I do had same.

Now all registerfly accounts are automatically owned by Godaddy.

Go to godaddy.

Just use your registerfly username & password @ godaddy.

If you can't login, then use retrieve account no (with your domain name in registerfly account) & then use forget password option.

Then you will have a new account no & password @ godaddy & your registerfly domains will be there.

So all your registerfly domains are safe with Godaddy
So now registerfly is owned by godaddy?? I guess they sold the whole thing to avoid more problems. When quality gets down, there are some things to improve, and one of them is selling the business and getting rid of all that stuff.
Unfortunately, sometimes the requirements of handling too many customers all at once make it easier to sell out to a bigger operation. Sometimes it's not simple to scale up your existing business.
The problem is that many companies grow faster than they ever expected and can't keep up with the rush of new customers.
Maybe they have the infrastructure to deal with more clients, but if they lack the human factor behind it, and are not willing to spend money hiring more people for their operation, then that is a big problem. I think they are better off selling to bigger business.
Above three post is not the case with RegisterFly.
That's good. What I wrote was speculation I wasn't bashing them. Often a company has no idea that when they offer up a deal that so many will accept it. It happened with AOL back in the 1990's.

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