RegisterFly Saga
Recently I tried to register another .info domain with registerfly. I managed to only get the small discount, so I got the domain for $1.60 instead of $2.99. Unfortunately their system was not working when I tried to do it last Friday. (Not yesterday but the previous week.) I could not get a hold of support, so even though they debited my credit card, I decided to try it again. Again same problem, the domain got an error registering it. So at this point I had no domain and was charged twice on my card.

The fortunate news is I contacted them on Monday and they issued a refund. They did not charge back my card, but instead gave me a credit. Since they gave me a credit or $5.98 though, instead of $3.20, I am not going to complain.

Previously I had no problems registering an ocassional domain with them.
Wow. It's good to hear that a company is taking repsonsibility for oopses, even if it's not directly their fault. You don't see that too often these days.
Yeah. I have seen a lot of people bad mouthing them, but I am happy how it worked out. Although I still have not gone back and spent my refund yet. Smile
It is good pr for the site to do that. There are so many places that don't do that. It is great that they gave you more considering it was a credit. I hope I can get a credit or money back from go daddy. I am trying to get my money back from the parking I signed up for. I have decided not to park at all, not even on a free site. For now at least.
It is smart for them to have good customer service considering the demographic they serve. We aren't the kind of people who can keep quiet about bad customer service. Smile
No, I suppose we aren't the kind of people to keep quiet about poor customer service. I know that I would be one of the first to tell when I don't receive quality service. Stay away from me when I am on a!!! Wink
I'm with you! That is one of the reasons I adore a cansound off about stuff and you know that other people are reading what you're saying.
yea, a forum is a great place to get things off your chest, there is always a person her to show you support....Wink
That sounds pretty good Triumph!

I heard bad things about Registerfly that's why I have not tried registering a domain with them. I might just try buying one from them. Just one. :-)
These big companies sometime dont care of small customers, But it feels nice to hear that they made you a refund.

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