Are forums good for search engines?
Quote:So they just add content , by posting on the forums??

Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I think a good thing about forums is that the webmaster can enjoy free content being added to his/her site without much work on their part (assuming the webmaster has moderators doing the work for him/her). The search engines pick up the new content and the site gets more traffic. That's the reason everyone whats a forum, right?

Thanks in advance to anyone that wants to respond to this!
It would help, I think, to have a specific theme in which the keywords come up often in people's posts. For example, this thread has a lot of "search engines" and "forums" in it, so the search engines will pick that up.
Right. And I suppose if you wanted to get really tricksy, you could get on Nichebot and get an idea of some good keywords for your industry. Then you could create the forum around the keyword to be sure the posters use your keywords in their posts.
Ning is terrific for forums. Not only do you get a forum, but other great tools like photo gallery, video upload, etc.
Yes, forums are the best for SEO if you are using vbulletin forums and phpbb forums for website promotion then your websites will get increased in search engines fast.
According to me forums are good for search engines. Due to this off page techniques we can create high quality back links and get more website traffic by putting signature.
According to me Forums are good for search engines. It is helpful for

1. Getting website visibility in search engines.
2. Generating high quality back links.
3. Getting website traffic.

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