Better than AdSense
From what I understand he's plugging it as better than adsense but hasn't made any money. You're kidding right?
Yes this is big question about payment option. I always prefer PayPal as payment option because of fast payment without spending fees.
I need the evidence that it is better than adsense. Facts links, etc.
You are right we need some better evidence and proof who can proved that this is better than adsense.
You would think this many days later he would have come up with something. Sounds like another con artist to me.
Yes I think he should give some proof and evidence so we can know this program more better.
I wonder if he went to lunch on his profits. That's right, he made no money. So now, I understand why we haven't heard back. He had no money to pay for the lunch and got arrested then they forgot he was there.

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