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Heya, I recieved an email from some search engine which says that they can submit my site to 150000 directories and sites two times in a year with only $70. I see the list of the sites to submit and there are almost 10 pr9, many many more pr8 and 7 and so on list there. What I wana know that is it a scam or something or if original then can google or other top search engines block me if I submit to too many sites at once? is it a normal way for getting links or traffic?
Many sites offer services like this. In my opinion, make sure you are going with a reputable service (such as submitexpress.com or addme.com). It can be worth the PR and Traffic if you submit to good directories.

Reputable sites submit to good directories. Some directories keep your link up for a day and then move it to a page that no one (including search engines) is aware of. Also, make sure that links are not submitted to link farms. This WILL get you banned from google, and probably many other search engines. So overall, make sure you have submitted to a site that has good directories.

In my opinion, there are so many reputable services out there... there is no need to pay a shady site. Go for the best and most used services Smile
have to agree with zach. far too many people out there trying to make a quick buck. if ur in it for a quick buck id say go for it. but given that youre asking for input here youre obviously in it for the long haul. go with the reputed companies even if they are a little more expensive. its money well spent.
Can you list a few examples of sites they submit to, I might have an opinion, but I want to be sure as to what they are doing.
well here is the url for this offer

Search Engine Submit to all the major and minor search engines, directories.

and the major point to ask is that is it legal to submit that huge sites in a single time, I think search engines can block those sites which submits to these huge sites at once.
whats your thoughts and please review the above mentioned service too, whether to go or not?
Great topic, thanks. I'm a little leery of bulk submissions, maybe without good reason. It's probably spreading too thin to try to do it all yourself so I'm glad for the opinions and looking forward to more.
Ah, I'd suggest you work harder on making your site SEO friendly and letting them work for you. I'd worry about getting penalized by google by negative association. Good SEO is better than a thousand links because usually once Google gets it, it will go viral to other search engines that use Google as a base.
you are right HoosierHunter, but link popularity is also very important, without this you cannot achieve better results just by having good SEO.
Nod. Have you considered Article PR and blog buzzing as well as social bookmarking?
well these terms are a bit new to me. I know article PR and blogging a little but what is social bookmarking?

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