Mass article submission to get backlinks?
Hello there, I have re-visited those article and ezine directories sites that I had submitted all my articles into them about few months back. Yet, most webmasters would say that submitting articles to these sites will help to develop some nice one-way backlinks, and possibly gain some google PR.

Now, with few months pass, most of my articles are being "moved" into archived section in those directories. I understand that it is a common practise as these directories are having tones of new articles being submitted everyday, and they'll need to "clean" up some old data.

So now, with older articles being "pushed" into archived, I wonder if the "effect" of possible google PR gain still exist? or it would be better?:eek:
Any link back to your site helps you. But if they are moved to pages with lower PR, then this might lower your PR as well, over time. Hopefully you have obtained more linkbacks since these articles were originally submitted and the number of links pointing back to your site is a direct effect on your PR
emm..I have analyze further on those backlinks pointing to my site listed in my "resources box" in all my articles. Apart from the article and ezine directories that I originally submitted my articles, there are also quite some of other sites that published my articles in their sites.Smile

However, the majority of these sites are newly established sites and have no google PR yet. I guess they are not much of help at the moment. Hopefully they could gain some PR too:p
everything takes time.
articles are an organic approach to growing traffic.

besides have yr links in the credits box, consider embedding it in the content also.
this prevents backlink less when some site owners print the article without the credit box (whether intentionally or unintentionally).

and if you're putting out articles regularly, say 1 per weekly or biweekly, this shouldn't be an issue for you.

spread your net wide and if you have a large article count (i've seen power users with 2,800+) it gives you more credibility than just 5-10 articles.

llegent Wrote:However, the majority of these sites are newly established sites and have no google PR yet. I guess they are not much of help at the moment. Hopefully they could gain some PR too:p
I have dabbled with articles a bit in the past, but nothing full-fledged. My experience has been less than stellar. Some people recommend being a bit more targetted and solicit higher traffic and pr sites to distribute your pages too rather than just 1000 pr1 pages.
I've experimented with a few sites ....and the most targeted one did the best by far. Unfortunately, for me, it became the most boring to work on. Can't have it all, I guess.
btw, a contact gave me this link.
steve pavlina has written 500 articles and derives his income from adsense and affiliate prods.
he gives his articles away for free.
you can also check out his website at
I have noticed that regular submissions of new articles is better than submitting some and waiting. I have heard you have to be careful about your stuff being on sites with low PR. I am not sure how that affects you though.
You might ty the You can register and submit your articles. Then they are saved and matched whith a wemaster or magzine or on-line publication, that can use them , Echos
There is an "Article Submitter" app available on clickbank that I've been pleased with.

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