Cj.com unresonable scammers! Took all my money and hard work
If it was added after registration I can see why they would consider it to be objectionable but if not then it seems like they're in the wrong. I'd keep trying to follow up if you're sure they're at fault on this one.
tater03 Wrote:What I don't get is if you removed the objectionable stuff why they still felt the need to ban you? Honestly I wouldn't beg either but I sure would want to know why they did what they did.

It might be the subject matter, not the pictures accompanying it, that is objectionable.
I heared from other forums member that they also got their sites checked, I think they're clearing out members, maybe they're trying to save money.

I am not calling they, even if I don't get an explanation, I am not going to beg them!
Try emailing them asking for reason. I think they ban you because your site domain looks a bit adult.. They may think you are hosting adult content. if that is the case, just explain to them about your site.
on the other hand.. your sites does look like adult site. no wonder you got banned
Tried e-mailling them a thousand time, no replys, I could call them....
I'm sorry for you.

The problem with many of this company, he is so big and have all the power.

To your success

Wow! Thanks for sharing this with us Takwa. I have heard of google slapped, but never had heard of CJ slapping before.
After looking at your sites, I agree they are probably not porn, but would say they are probably to racy for CJ.
Wishing you success.

Captain Dave
Google and CJ are very sensitive to those types of topics. You may have only had pictures of pretty girls in bikinis, but "sexy oriental girls" automatically flags them thinking that it might be porn site just from the name alone. So I can see them suspending your account immediately.

It's unfair, but these are big businesses. They want nothing to do with anything that remotely resembles or hints at a porn site. Most businesses online are that way.

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