Where does everyone get their content from? Do you write your own stuff, go to Constant Content or go somewhere else? Hire out pieces? What's worked best for you so far?
I have not hired any work done thus far.

I have several friends who write, in addition to myself.

When first started, I supported them by using a few of their relevant articles.

I have a few links to other content sites, but found the articles were of poor quality written most often by people with very little practical knowledge of their subject matter. I do not have the time to wade through pages of garbage to find one usable item.
I have discovered that Constant Content typically has better quality work. Associated sometimes hires just about anyone.
I like to write myself, so I create all of my own content for the most part. Probably should hire more of it out though, as I am too slow.
I have to admit that I, too, prefer writing my own content. That way, I know it is original. Otherwise, you have to find a really trustworthy firm to purchase work from with a guarantee of originality since originality is now quite important.
Definitely true. The uniqueness of your own writings can create a "living website." It becomes site which is always evolving rather than just "stop" surrounded with words.
Ah, don't get me wrong. There is clearly a time for buying articles. My wife, for example, writes content. She makes a little grocery money and thoroughly enjoys it though I'd rather she work on her other writing once in a while. In order to get her to work on fiction, I have to buy enough Japanese food to stuff a bear and brew about three pots of coffee a day.
I am writing by myself. it will helpful to create heavy website traffic as well as get more unique back links.

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