Where is the best place to purchase web content if you don't want to write it yourself?
try or
You can get a good article there for around $5

You can also ask in the advertise section if you are interesting in paying someone immediately.
Also depends on what type of content and how much you want. Those sites Zach mentioned are good, and there are soem others, too. There are also companies that will find a writer and provide it for you, the benefit is that you have a better shot at getting a good piece the first time around. Also, if you live near a university, you can find students who will write for you usually.
Thanks guys. I was told to try Associate Content but them i heard that the site isn't all its cracked up to be.
Does anyone know anything about Associated Content?
Content depends on what you need and what you are willing to pay. AC is iffy because they hire some shoddy writers. You can advertise for a writer on Craig's list, go to Constant Content and purchase content (probably the best idea because you can shop) or go to messageboards and advertise there. I do not recommend AC.
The key for me was digging through the free articles to find one that was well-written by someone who obviously had knowledge of the subject matter.

I prefer the option to link to the author's website rather than the site that provided the article. Some will allow you to link to the author's subpage on their site and I find that to be a nice compromise.
Ceruleah Wrote:The key for me was digging through the free articles to find one that was well-written by someone who obviously had knowledge of the subject matter.


I don't know if this was what you meant, but your comment reminded me of the very simple idea of finding articles that you like and then asking the author either if you can use them or hiring that author to do some for you alone.

Lots of the stuff out there is written freelance, so I bet you'd have a pretty good chance of finding someone that way.
Some of the big webmaster forums also have buy/sale places and you can solicit for content there or even here. Make a post here asking for what you want, and you might get some offers.
I would be leery of duplicate content since Google is more friendly with those who produce fresh. Some places you can get content are WAHM message boards in the writers section, Constant Content, Absolute Write, Craig's list, content done better,, and one of the many writing bid sites out there. You can also contact usweb to get information on their writers and SEO solutions. Expect to pay at least $5 for a 400 word article, since your competition, Associated Content, will pay a writer at least $3 and usually around $8. You can also hire a writer thorough word of mouth. Just about everyone knows at least one content writer. My wife is a content writer.

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