Does forum signature linking work?
I have got into the habit of placing my link to my website in my signature on forums that I am active on if the owners allow it. I find it helps bring traffic into my website and I have also found that it does help with SEO to a certain extent.

Do you use forum signature linking? How have  you found that has worked for you?
Being a frequent user of forums I always if the owner allows add my link to my signature with a catchy line of text and that tends to get traffic heading towards my site from those who see my link and show an interest. It doesn't cost anything so is free advertising if you frequent forum and it does work so it is worth trying as you don't lose anything by doing so.
According to me if you will put signature in different forum sites it will be helpful for keywords visibility through different search engines as well as website traffic. and for me it was very helpful for keywords ranking

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