Domain Social Rules (for the Mentally Impaired)
OK, so I posted a rules thread some time ago, and have been updating it since. But it turns out that some of you (you know who you are :madSmile complained that you can't understand the rules thread (even though it's written in perfect English)....

Especially for our most loved members, here is the elite simplified version:

[INDENT] 1. Worship Domain Social - all the other forums suck.

2. Do not pretend to help people just to make money: OK so maybe most of us are here to make money, but still... our community is more important than your $20 per-sale revenue. If you post a link with your affiliate code in it, and you pretend to be giving independent advice, do not expect to be thanked for your link! If you do this many times, a super-mod or myself will ban you, and we will take pleasure in doing it.

3. When you post a domain for sale, cite as much information as you can about it. You will not get banned for not following this rule, but following it will stop other members from bombarding your thread with stupid questions.

4. Spam this board, and within the period of approx 2 hours, you will be:
  1. flamed by members
  2. toasted by members
  3. grilled by members
  4. banned by yours truly
[/INDENT]Good luck Big Grin
I laffed, I cried, and I promise to follow the rules, the way you have outlined them, Thankx, Echos
I am new here.
I will definately care about these rules.
What's toasted by members mean?

SO, affiliate links are accepted here, just as long as I am honest about it?
david47 Wrote:What's toasted by members mean?

SO, affiliate links are accepted here, just as long as I am honest about it?

It's what they do right after the flame you, so that you're more crunchy before the ban.

Yep, affiliate links are accepted (we are all here to make money anyway), but you must say that its an affiliate link.

As I was reading these rules, simple to follow, I laughed out loudly at the very end. Definitely a good summary of the rules for "Mentally Impaired" lol, I never saw such rules, these are funny but will help you to keep here more neat without the users having an excuse to spam.

Definitely the other rules are for me Smile. They are more detailed and fully understandable, understood anything.
I've been here a long time and this is my first time reading the rules. I really love all the rules but especially #1. Thanks again!Smile
Nice. I participate on another board that sums up its rules thusly:

"Don't be a jerk."

It works surprisingly well. Smile
haha very nice thread.
Thanks Zach. I'm a newbie, but it wasn't hard to get the rules! BTW, I appreciate getting your emails. I recommend them to everyone.

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