Fred algorithm update
Can anyone explain What is Fred algorithm update??

Google Fred update is related to the low quality of landing page. If you are putting lots of ads on the website to generate income without adding valuable content on your page then you are likely to be punished by Fred update.

Fred mostly penalized those websites who has less content on page and number of ads.
Google Fred is an algorithm update that targets black-hat tactics tied to aggressive monetization. This includes an overload on ads, low-value content, and little added user benefits. This does not mean all sites hit by the Google Fred update are dummy sites created for ad revenue, but the majority of websites affected were content sites that have a large amount of ads and seem to have been created for the purpose of generating revenue over solving a user’s problem.
Fred algorithm is the update that usually targets to the black hat tactics that are tied to aggressive monetize. It is the algorithm that reveals the motivation behind the Goggle's update. It makes ensure about the lack of forewarning that prompted many SEO's and webmasters to fly upon into a panic situation
Fred Update is all about low quality backlinks & content. If your backlinks and site content is low quality then you will be hit by this algo. Your SEO graph will definitely go down.

Manage: Focus on quality not quantity.

Focus on high quality of backlinks

Create Quality Content.
hi there.. really nice information.. i was looking for this since a long time…really appreciate the amount of work which you have put into to it.. thanks for sharing.

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